Phone Scam Occurring in our Area

Please be advised of a phone scam that has targeted our service area. These callers have claimed to be from Erie Thames Powerlines and have threatened to disconnect customers unless they make a payment.

If you receive a call and have any doubt that the caller is truly an Erie Thames Powerlines employee, say no and hang up. Call us immediately at 1-877-850-3128 to confirm the validity of the call. Our call centre team is very understanding of your need to validate the call in the event it really is a member of our team.

In addition, our employees all carry valid identification when performing disconnects and will gladly show this to you.

Never give out your personal or financial information in person or over the phone unless you know in fact it is a representative of Erie Thames Powerlines. In addition, only make payments to Erie Thames Powerlines, not anyone claiming to work on our behalf.

The local police have been contacted and are aware of the situation. In the event a fraudulent call, please report it to us at 1-877-850-3128 and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.